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Hey There!

This artist is an up and coming sensation. We love her music. How can we help her put out a complete album for all fans to listen to?  Yup... You got it!

Sharing your monetary support will keep her in the studio pumping out hot tracks for you to sit back and enjoy. Brittany wants to release a full album and would be so grateful for everything you contribute. 

A fan once asked, "How much does it cost to work with a top level producer in the industry and create a track?" 

The answer is: Upwards of $3000k which may or may not include mixing and mastering and certainly does not include the $3,000- $6,000 promotional cost.

Incentive: After you donate, you will be entered into my giveaway lottery. (optional) Receive a Autographed Cd, or custom T-shirt!!






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